Hello fellow music fan!

Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp is a volunteer driven not-for-profit group that provides youth, ages 9 to 17, the opportunity to express themselves in creative and artistic ways, as well as build self-esteem, confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills, using music as the medium – and rock n roll in particular. We are proud to have partnered with the YWCA of Lethbridge and District to ensure we are able to create a safe and encouraging environment that will allow us to achieve these goals.

Established in 2012, we’d love to welcome you to work with us to continue to create a safe, supporting, learning environment for girls where they will grow through music!

We are seeking donors, partners, and friends from the following categories:

  • Gear Getter
    • Suggested donation: $300+
    • Support LGRC in acquiring the necessary instruments for girls to rock! See below for a list of gear we’re looking for specifically, for in-kind donations!
  • Camper Creator
    • Suggested donation: $200 – $299
    • Sponsor a girl to attend this one week camp, making creativity and growth accessible to girls regardless of family income!
  • General Good Gals&Guys
    • Suggested donation: $1 – $199
    • Donations and contributions, in kind or monetary, will be used to support the operation of camp and the LGRC showcase where girls perform the song they wrote with their coaches and bands!
    • General Good Guys & Gals can also sponsor and host lunches, with opportunities for staff to join the campers, for $100 per day of hosting.

Interested partners can contact LGRC Program Director Silvana Campus  for information about making a contribution, and about coordination of recognition that meets the goals of your company, organization, or team. Opportunities for recognition include through social media and the LGRC website, on site visuals or donor presence during camp and/or during the LGRC showcase, and brand presence on specific donations such as gear or food. We look forward to working with you to ensure a successful partnership!

Thank you for considering support for LGRC. With the support of our friends we are excited to provide Lethbridge with another week of girls getting loud, being heard, making friends, and believing in themselves. Thank you for considering becoming a partner of Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp. We really appreciate it!

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Donating Gear
If you have some gently used gear that you think could have a new life as a part of Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp, we would love to hear from you! The more gear that we have, the less we need to rent and this keeps our costs down. Here’s a list of things we’re currently looking for:
– guitars and bass guitars
– guitar and bass amps ***small practice amps are wonderful for our purposes!
– drums kits or even individual parts (drums, cymbals, hardware, throne)
– keyboards and stands
– PA System or even individual pieces (speakers, mixer) ***small PAs are perfect for us!
– microphones, stands, cords
– tuners and pedals of all varieties

And some things you just need to buy brand new, so maybe you’re able to help us out by donating something from the following list:
– guitar and bass strings
– picks
– guitar straps
– drum sticks
– patch cords

Thank you so much for your interest in helping us do what we do!

During camp, we need many, many volunteers to make things run. Volunteers are needed to lead instrument instruction, to coach bands, to manage campers, to help with assemblies, to organize lunch and snacks, to manage our front desk, and to generally support camp. Phew!

If you think you can lend a hand, please check out the Volunteers page for more info.
Outside of camp, we can use a hand in planning and organizing for the upcoming year. If you think you can lend us a hand in this manner, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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